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Safety Instructions

General safety precautions for handling professional materials and hazardous substances

  • These substances must not get into the hands of children!
  • Exercise care when handling all working materials!
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke at the workplace!
  • Wear suitable protective equipment (gloves, protective mask/goggles, etc. - see safety data sheet).
  • Wash your hands carefully after using the materials and change any work clothes.
  • Work only in well ventilated areas.
  • Use of solvents may cause nausea, headaches and drowsiness. Solvents should never be used in living areas.
  • Our products are not suitable for use in the manufacture of foodstuffs or for application to the skin.
  • Before use, please read carefully the instructions on the label and pay attention to the information in the safety data sheets provided.

Note: Professional user

Products marked "for professional users" may only be shipped to professional, expert users. Professional users and expert customers inform themselves by means of the safety data sheets provided and the hazard statements and make themselves aware of possible hazards before use. The safety data sheets are interleaved with all affected products in the heroms.com Professional Supplies Shop in the product description.

Disposal of batteries

In context with the sale of batteries or the delivery of devices containing batteries, we are obliged to inform you of the following::

You are legally obliged to return used batteries as an end user. You can return used batteries, which we carry or have carried as new batteries in our range, free of charge to our shipping warehouse (shipping address). The symbols shown on the batteries have the following meaning:
The symbol of the crossed-out garbage can means that the battery must not be placed in the household garbage.
Pb = Battery contains more than 0.004% lead by mass.
Cd = Battery contains more than 0.002 mass percent of cadmium
Hg = Battery contains more than 0.0005 mass percent mercury.

Please observe the above instructions.